Jakarta is Ready to Provide Medical Treatment Zakzaky and Wife

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Tens of activist who joined in Cross The Limit and Garda Suci Merah Putih, Tuesday (23/1) visited the Federal Embassy of Nigeria in Jakarta. They demanded the release of the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, Maulana Sayyed Ibrahim Zakzaki and his wife Mallama Ziinat.

While spreading the banners, these human rights activists in front of the gates of the Nigerian federal Embassy shouted "Free Zakzaki, Save Zakzaki!".

The Nigerian ambassador, Hakeem Balogun met them and received a letter from the Cross The Limit to be forwarded to Nigerian President Muhamamd Buhari that requested the release of Shaikh Zakzaki and his wife from a military prison because the Nigerian high court has ordered him to release.

In the letter signed by dr. Zahra Abdullah, they also asked the Nigerian government to allow Syaikh Zakzaki and his wife to be treated in Indonesia. 

"Everyone's right to get medical treatment anywhere," said dr. Zahra, commissioner of Cross The Limit.

Mujtahid Hashem who represents the Garda Suci Merah Putih in the presence of Hakeem Balogun, the Nigerian Federal Ambassador, appeared to be shedding tears in the tragedy of Zaria.

"We are human, you are human and they are human, and we all human beings have the same rights, but why your government has the right to kill them? Why your government is willing to kill its own people? What if this tragedy struck your family? said Mujtahid is referring to the Zaria tragedy 2015 that killed no less than 1000 Zakzaki followers by the Nigerian military.

In a meeting with Nigerian diplomat, Mujtahid Hashem who is also a Palestinian activist admitted defending Shaikh Zakaki, because he is a major Islamic figure in Nigeria who is very committed to defending the Palestinian nation.

Although Nigerian diplomats also claimed Palestinian defenders, Mujtahid questioned how four of Syaikh Zakzaki's sons died of being shot by police in a Palestinian defense in Nigeria.

To this day Muslims in pulugan cities in Nigeria, continue to protest demanding the release of Sayyed Maulana Ibrahim Zakzaki, although in the Nigerian Military week back again firing on demosntran who ate the Soul Victims again.

Doctor Agustian explained in a meeting with the Nigerian ambassador also expressed the desire of the activists to send a doctor to Nigeria to look closely at the condition of Maulana Sayyed Zakzaki.

Garda Suci Merah Putih and Cross The Limit, in their press release wrote if the murder of followers of Islamic Movement Nigeria led by Shaikh Zakzaki not terminated, the Nigerian government has self-isolated and they support the case of human rights in Nigeria is forwarded to the International Criminal Court.

In a meeting with the Ambassador of Nigeria in Jakarta, the ambassador promised to be open and promised to help facilitate the wishes of Indonesian activists to visit Syaikh Zakzaki in Nigeria. These human rights activists promise to fill out visa applications and leave for Nigeria to ensure the health of Syaikh Zakzaki and his wife.

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