We Ask to Free Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky!

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Dozens of Jakarta Islamic Student activists and Cross The Limit shouted back the freedom of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, leader of the Nigerian Islamic Movement, who was imprisoned by Nigerian military (15/4).

This action marks solidarity for 100 days of protest by followers of the Islamic Movement for the freedom of Sheikh Zakzaky. Mujtahid Hashem, one of Cross The Limit activists added, "We have come to the Nigerian Embassy in Jakarta to ask permission to visit Sheikh Zakzaky in Nigeria, and Alhamdulillah we got positive respondents and they promised to help. But in fact what the Nigerian Embassy promised is not followed up at all.

"We also ask us all to send electronic mail to the Secretary General African Union to investigate and pressure the Nigerian government to release Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky. Sample letter can be seen in our website and social media. At least it shows our solidarity," said Mujtahid Hashem.

Gunawan from the Jakarta Islamic Student Alliance explained that the detention of Sheikh Zakzaky is illegal as the Nigerian High Court has called for the government to release Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky. How could it be resisted? Sheikh Zaksaky, his wife and children were victimized by the Nigerian military, but the victim also continued to be detained in military barracks. 

We ask the United Nations and the African Union to investigate because not only Syekh Zakzaki and his family but more than 1000 people died of the Nigerian military and until we don't know not where their grave. What the Nigerian military does is a tremendous crime of humanity.
Zaid, a HMI South Jakarta's activist in his oration said, "Nigerian military barbarity encourages international protest for it's freedom. We as a great nation certainly take pictures of cases in Nigeria as a gross violation of human rights and humanitarian values".

This demonstration marks the 100 th day of the Nigerian protest for the release of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky and his critical condition caused the Nigerian government has granted permission to seek medical treatment abroad. Shaykh Zakzaky's supporters are angry that the abandonment of Sheikh Zakzaky who is ill due to Nigerian military brutality is part of how to kill Sheikh Zakzaky slowly. This is the crime of Buhairi, the Nigerian president.

Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky Is a very popular cleric in Nigeria. The leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria was shot with his wife so that his one eye and one arm did not work anymore. The Nigerian Islamic Movement is a very popular mass movement with millions of followers all over Nigeria. Islamic Movement Nigeria is a justice movement supported by Sunni communities, Shiites, also have good relations with Christians in Nigeria. The Nigerian Islamic Movement opposes terrorism and campaigns violently against people like Boko Haram, and remains critical of the government.
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