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“With independence being the right of every nation, colonialism must be eliminated from the face of the earth as it is contrary to the dictates of human nature and justice.” (The 1945 Indonesian Constitution)
No peace can be expected without justice. There is no end to violence as long as we do not complete the US-sponsored Israeli occupation as soon as possible. 

Thus, we create the Cross The Limit, an organization that concern to the fate of oppressed victims


Struggle for justice from all forms of oppression, imperialism, and colonialism.


Work together for oppressed victims wherever they are.


Build cooperation with other organizations, both internationally and nationally, they are committed to the freedom of humanity and their inalienable rights.
The organization name is “Cross The Limit“.
Jl. Batu I No.31, Pejaten Timur , Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta 12510
Telp: +021-7986561, M: +62-81315298287, Fax: +62-21-7991782

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